“Stop smoking is difficult and giving up proposal is often doomed to failure.
In Italy only 16.000 smokers out of a total of 6 million go turning to a stop smoking centre: a very small number confirming their ineffectiveness.
In Italy alone cigarettes produce 80.000 deaths a year and doctors have difficulty in helping smokers because of advise stopping doesn’t achieve appreciable results.
Electronic cigarette can radically change this course beacuse it makes smoking possible removing tar and carbon monoxide inhalation and, thanks to its shapes and sizes, makes it possible to maintain gestures, smokers key factor.
According to the British Ministry of Health, because of the absence of combustion using e-cig reduces toxicity of at least 95%. This is the reason why whole of the western world suggests proposing it to all smokers who don’t want stopping or can’t stop.
Recommending e-cig to a distress smoker means adopting a “risk reduction” clinical strategy, that can be accepted by all smokers and could save millions of lives around the world”

Fabio Beatrice