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Traditional cigarette burns tobacco between 400° and 1000° and this is how carbon monoxide is emitted and inhaled by the smoker.
During smoking both carbon monoxide and oxygen in the air come into lungs; since blood haemoglobin is more related to carbon monoxide than oxygen, smoker blood is less oxygenated than normal. The fearsome carbon monoxide is an odorless and colourless gas which depletes oxygen in the blood and this results in an oxygen addition reduction to the blood and consequently to all various organs. Who traslates to e-cigarette doesn’t inhale combustion products and CO level returns to normal quickly, the breathing’s better and also physical resistance.


Small tests that help understand, as for FAGESTROM test, which is the traditional cigarette addiction level.


Waistline, or abdominal circumference, is a parameter who predicts all risks related to weight: hypertension, heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, etc… Body Mass Index (BMI) is a frequently used parameter to get general valutation of their body weight relating height and weight by a mathematical formula. Smoke has an impact on these risks and high BMI value reinforces the need to take healthy choice.