Fabio Regazzi
President of CATEGORIA

Active in e-cig sector since 2009 with a ever-greater success, CATEGORIA is the company founded by Fabio Regazzi that becomes  reference point in e-cig saling.
Based in Seregno – Monza Brianza – the company produces and distributes products to meet traditional smokers needs, in Italy and abroad.
CATEGORIA initiative stems from the need to offer a concrete answer to those who have been trying to reduce tobacco consumption for years. Reducing the amount of traditional cigarettes is a significant action to protect health so since its foundation CATEGORIA engaged in research and development of products which will allow to take a winning path with regard to smoking risk reduction.
Basis of Fabio Regazzi’s initiative his 30 years tobacco addiction which got him to heart disease at the youthful age of 37. At the time stop smoking was the only solution and that was impossible for him, who more than a heavy smoker knows how hard it is. From 2009 Fabio Regazzi found in CATEGORIA electronic cigarette the ideal solution to fight traditional smoking addiction and since that time he easily put a stop to traditional cigarettes changing his smoking attitude.
This impressive result meant this to really become his ethical crusade which gives him great satisfaction and appreciation from thousands of CATEGORIA friends smokers every day.
Thanks to relevant research conducted by careful and thorough scientists Fabio Regazzi managed to produce an e-cig which keeps the characteristics of practicality, size, gestures…well, all essential properties to accompanying smokers through their reduction risk way, guaranteeing safety due to preloaded filters and low amperage batteries studied to meet smokers need which allow to consume less e-liquid.
In 2013 the company, in cooperation with Michael Siegel professor at Boston University School of Public Health, submitted the first clinical study conducted by Riccardo Polosa, professor at Catania University on the CATEGORIA products effectiveness and safety.
A complex sales network system distributed over the country and a careful and skilled Customer Service guarantee to every points of sale an excellent support.
CATEGORIA continues to be an e-cig market leader since 2009.

Since it was fonded CATEGORIA has always guaranteed the quality of its products cooperating with specialized laboratories to maintain the highest standards.



CATEGORIA has been promoter of the first clinical trial of 60 volunteers on the effects of electronic cigarettes. This study has been done by Prof. Riccardo Polosa from  University of Catania in cooperation with LIAF. The study was published on the international scientific journal BMC Public Health in 2011, certifying the safety, quality and effectiveness of the products.

The 41th flight formation A/S Sigonella of the Air Force played an active role in the trial of electronic cigarettes Categoria in 2011. Under the no smoking project on electronic cigarette clinical trial, University of Catania and LIAF (Italian Anti-smoking non-profit organization, benefited from another prestigious partner: the 41th flight formation A/S Sigonella of the Air Force.

The anti-smoking project, started by the University of Catania, had the aim of clinically experimenting the electronic cigarettes to reduce the risks caused by tobacco smoke. The study gained good results. Electronic cigarettes proved to be an useful instrument to help the smoker to reduce the number of traditional cigarettes and, in many cases, to quit smoking.


In 2013 the company presented in Boston, in cooperation with Professor Michael Siegel of the Boston University School of Public Health, the first clinical study in the world, led by Professor Riccardo Polosa of the University of Catania on the efficacy and safety of the products CATEGORIA.

The researches were carried out for a year on a sample of 300 volunteers who would not to stop smoking. The results were published in Plos One scientific paper and prooved that CATEGORIA electronic cigarettes and filters  represent a suitable replacement of tobacco products, without their side effects.

“The New York Times” dedicated an article to the clinical trial presented in Boston.


Upon the purchase of a kit, CATEGORIA offers, as a pre-release and exclusively, the book “The truth about e-cigarettes” written by Professor Fabio Beatrice, Department Head of Otolaryngological and Maxillofacial Surgery at San Giovanni Bosco Hospital in Turin, a physician who has been fighting nicotinism for over 30 years, between his studies and the operating room. Also new for 2016, upon the purchase of a kit, CATEGORIA offers a free entry to the private area of the MB METHOD, which will lead smokers along a path of change, focusing on their well-being, through the use of e-cigarettes.

CATEGORIA products comply with EU rules in accordance with the requirements laid out in TPD European Directive in matters of electronic cigarettes (Article 20 – 2014/40/UE).