CATEGORIA products are user-friendly and practical: thanks to a battery and filter with built-in atomizer, they allow smokers to keep enjoying the look and feel of traditional cigarettes.

CATEGORIA IS MAINTENANCE-FREE: you just need to screw the filter to the battery.


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Based on exhaustive research by a team of qualified and scrupulous experts, CATEGORIA has conceived an innovative e-cigarette which leads smokers along the path to a different way of smoking. That’s why upon the purchase of a kit YOUNG, CATEGORIA offers you a free entry to the private area of the MB METHOD, which will lead smokers along a path of change, focusing on their well-being, through the use of e-cigarettes.

Another great opportunity offered by CATEGORIA in 2016 upon the purchase of a kit YOUNG is receiving for free the book “The truth on e-cigarettes”, written by Professor Fabio Beatrice, Department Head of Otolaryngological and Maxillo-facial Surgery at San Giovanni Bosco Hospital in Turin, a physician who has been fighting nicotinism for over 30 years, between his studies and the operating room.